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The WASHINGTON SCULPTORS GROUP is a non-profit corporation founded in 1984. It’s mission is to promote an awareness and an understanding of sculpture and foster the exchange of ideas among sculptors, collectors, and the general public by organizing frequent events, including artists’ panels, presentations, workshops, and social gatherings. WSG, singly and in cooperation with other organizations, plans, manages and promotes important curated exhibitions in galleries, museums and alternative spaces in the Washington area and beyond. The work of WSG is carried out by its Board of Directors and volunteer committees, along with its nearly 400 members – sculptors, collectors, curators, and others interested in sculpture. WSG received the Mayor’s Arts Award for Excellence in Service to the Arts in 2004.

For the 2011 year, WSG published three issues of the organization’s newsletter Washington Sculptors and organized several major museum and community exhibitions. Sculpture on the Grounds at the Kreeger Museum is a continuation of the Washington Sculpture Group’s ongoing commitment to exhibit and collaborate with the District, Maryland, and Virginia area museums and organizations. Sculpture 1275, consists of five sculpture shows in the Post-modern entryway of the Axent Building on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. The 1275 shows give WSG members an opporunity for solo shows in a prime downtown DC location. The Contain, Maintain, Sustain show in May and June jointly sponsored by Washington Project for the Arts and WSG at Artisphere in Arlington, VA explored the influence of sustainability on contemporary art. In the By The Numbers exhibition at BlackRock Center for the Arts in Germantown, MD in September, artists explored relationships between mathematical representations and real-world entities, articles, gadgets, devices, objects and materials, and how they can be illustrated or revealed. The end of the year brought Sculpture Now at the Artery Plaza Gallery in Bethesda, MD, providing a compelling view into the state of sculpture today. The exhibition addressed a broad range of sculptural practices, attempting to make sense of traditional and new materials, forms, methods, and concerns of artists working in the region now.

WSG also continued to assist with the Foggy Bottom Outdoor Sculpture Project in the historic northwest Washington DC neighborhood. This program promotes dialogue between local community histories and contemporary sculpture first addressed in the Foggy Bottom Sculpture Exhibit of 2008. The exhibit program won the DC Mayors Award in the Arts for “Innovation in the Arts”. The purpose of these shows is to place contemporary sculpture within the property spaces of historic homes in the historic district known as Foggy Bottom. In the 2010 show, handouts linked the history of the Foggy Bottom area with photos and locations of the sculptures where visitors were able to hear recordings on their cell phones by each of the artists about his or her work.

WSG continues to maintain its website and online member gallery and hold workshops, seminars and social events for its members. Information about previous exhibitions can be seen on this site’s archives pages.

Watch a video made in connection with
WSG’s 25th anniversary year, 2009.

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